New World

Do you know why people do not want to live? In every sense of the word, why are we so sick? Not only do people do not want to live, they do not want to live in the new world.

When you look at the scene today, what feelings do you have? On my way fishing today, I spoke with a state trooper. He reminded me how dangerous we are to each other. Further, he sited a vicious act that took place in our small town last night. He happened to be white and I never asked for the information, but do you know what, he was telling the truth and it is getting worse by the minute.

People are killing each other, without reason, everyday. I will not mention other crimes. Further, killing folk is fast becoming one of the fastest ways to make easy money. Cops, we can't keep enought cops,,,,why? The right thing is more important than who is doing it? In fact, we are our own worse enemies. Why indiscriminately drive around and bust out the windows of several different businesses? War? When we really do not know what we are doing. Especially, the powers to be, everybody is arguing that he knows better than his opponent, when we all know they do not know nothing. Really, they know less than you and I and I will prove that right now. If the powers to be knew what the hell they were doing, WOULD OUR ECONOMY BE IN THE SHAPE IT'S IN?

FURTHER, Very seldom do you see them trying to agree, not at work anyhow. There is always one ass in opposition and he is dead set on making it known. Politicians, It just isn't profitable for them to agree. So if 500 or so politicians can't agree, how can we agree? Now, you can imagine the scale of our disagreement--division.

How does all of this make you feel? Does your heart yearn for peace, happiness, and prosperity? Or is that just a dream, or fantasy, to believe these conditions will ever exist on earth?

Most people think so. Realty is war, crime, hunger, sickness, aging – to mention just a few and we are getting worse at combating all of this.

Hope. If the vision of peace, happiness, and prosperity wasn’t somewhere in your mind, you would have no reason to get up in the morning. So that is proof that the vision is there, somewhere. As a people, we are just not obedient to it. Well, as long as it suits our selfish wants. Why do we own land? Who created land? Who paid for it? People, these people of today mess-up more than they will ever fix. Instead of trying to share, ensure that everybody has a little spot, we are more concerned about what we can get out of it? Go figure. Now, this is the system we are teaching under REAL-Estate. Where is the true value in the land?

When you consider the facts of what we are doing today, we are as backwards as hell. Curb-side garbage service, where are you taking all that garbage? Will the garbage problem solved or is it getting worse? Why don’t prices ever go down? There ain't shit,,,there is nothing that we do, no product or service that has been reduced in cost. After all these years, does that make any sense? yes, dollars and cents! It is just rediculous! It is so obvious! Just look at the price of gas. It will give you a swimming in the head to watch.

The sad part about it all is, people have become conditioned and accustomed to living that way. People have all but given up on their faith and now, our faith is in MAN. Now, just look at all the trouble we are in. Well, are you going to blame God? What about global warming, the powers to be, does not know whether they are going or coming. Abortion, we will fight over anything. Gay marriage, who cares who you marry. Playing with killer whales or any other wild animals!!! you know the risks. So why are you surprised, shocked? You feel a bit guilty when something like that happens. Seems like that is one life that could have been easily saved, well at least from a killer whale anyhow. Safety and security?

Why not live according to how you believe? In what do you believe? Then, that is why things are the way they are. What are you doing about it? Now, that I know, I am going to live that way.

The new world. God’s Kingdom where everything is beyond compare, accomplishing everything good upon God’s green earth. A place where people can put aside their fears, hatred, prejudices and real people can have real discussions about whatever it is they want to talk about. A place where People can fall in love with people again. A gardenlike paradise. The Wilderness? There will be every reason to be happy. You know I used that to apply for a the pepsi grant and was denied, they said my idea did not qualify.

The earth itself will give its produce, all will enjoy the fruits of their labor. They will not plant and someone else do the eating. We will build houses and have occupancy. People will have productive, satisfying work and life will not be boring.

People will have a stronger desire to live and live that way.

your inner voice

does this make any sense to you?

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