Are they spoiling your surprise,,, news and it's funny?

Too important not to know. I had a friend who used to look at the news to see how they did for the day.

I think you will learn a lot from this, most never even think about it, this way? But how eager people are to know and share the news - Beware. Why do we like to dig-up old shit, stir in it? What happened to the “let’s do attitude”. The one we pay for on vacation.

News, why do you call it news when…? What is the Local, State and National News all about? Current events, how long ago did it happen-prevention vs. cure? How long had it been stewing?

Would you be more informed, surprised, current events or up-to-date if they told you the bottom just fell out?

After a while, what good does it do for you to know John shot Jack an hour ago - damn? What good? What good does it do you when everything about which you talk, has already happened - dead information. Is that news, how? Are you saying, I told you so?

Conditioned, why do people kill themselves? History, it has already happened, forget that shit? Told you, you would learn a very valuable lesson.

Now, every once and a while you can hear something important and in time to react, but what can you do, when you’re not properly prepared-Katrina? What can I do about troops in Pakistan? I told you I have friends who look at the local, state and national news to see how they performed for the day. Who picked them up?

Is there any value in being able to predict what already happened? Is sophistication any distraction to what’s about to happen? What about to what they’re planning next? Are they behind or ahead of you? Turn on "the old". Is it that scary not to look back?

Would it not be much more beneficial to talk about the local, state, national disaster plan? That would remedy a lot of our problems right there, but you ain’t supposed to have that kind of sense, are you? Discount.

Would you make a good news reporter, anchor person? Would your tomorrows be any brighter than your todays? Turn on the olds, is it exciting or depressing, now look at our economy.

It's just something about that tv or computer screen that's mes-me-rizing, addictive, seeing things happen. But to think about it, if we were actually on top of our jobs, it wouldn't be any time for information overload. Think of how many years we survived without and now, we're having even more trouble surviving with. Loneliness, boredom, gossip, depression, we’re having to learn how to live all over again. lesson learned eco and soci decline. improving/declining?

So if you are going to get any value at all out of any of this media blitz, you’re going to have to put some into it.

News, why do you call it news when it is old, already happened? You do know we imprison people for leaking insider information. Another lesson

NOW, Is this GOOD NEWS? Do you feel better by knowing you should be extra extra careful about the news you allow your ears to hear and your mouth to repeat? Influences you to behave in a certain manner? harder to accept the truth yourself? What happens if you do not perform favorably? You continue to behave with complete lowliness of mind and mildness, with long-suffering, under difficult circumstances, circumstances that do not have to be.

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