The "Swag" industry

999, $19B Industry, The "Swag" industry

They pay you $100 and take back $99. Is this an inside job? How many of you have promotional, plaques, trophies, awards… items, gifted to you because you thought you deserved it? Well you probably did, now look what that has created.

I want to introduce you to the Swag industry, according to Big Swag trade industry, they are people who strongly object to this War on Crap.., Any federal employees looking to turn their swag on anytime soon could likely be stopped by President Barack Obama..., 'Swag' Industry Lashes Out At Obama Over Call To Cut Back On..., 'Swag Industry' Whines About Obama Cutoff : Stop The ACLU.

Swag, meaning promotional pens, mugs and clothes distributed by government agencies. Now the swag industry is upset about it... promotional gifts, or advertising gifts, sometimes nicknamed swag or schwag, ... Corporate companies are also becoming more inventive in their marketing. IndustrySwag - Social Network for Meeting Professionals and powerful, smart websites for "the meeting and event industry"! Web Specialists! Coming soon to a community near you! This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon.

My question to you is: While all this is going on, what are you doing? How can I get a part of this?

One guy alone pulled in over $511,264 in one year - working about 4 days per week. Pretty good, right? You see, he was part of the $19B "Swag" industry...

If you're thinking just t-shirts, mugs and stress balls with people's logos on it - that's just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of people are familiar with this since there are over 20,000+ competitors in North America alone that are all selling pretty much the same stuff from the same factories. But there's a lot more to the promotional products, advertising specialties, apparel and gifts business than most people realize -- Kick backs.

These commodity products are NOT going to create the kind of results this guy has achieved, placing him in the top 2% of his industry - while still walking his kids to school each day.

Part of the training include sales strategies used every day with his team to more than DOUBLE the industry average!

I look at "stop trying to reinvent the wheel" but learn how to use it. Right now we're looking to bring in a small, select group to develop unique areas of focus and niches.

So while you are working and praying for more dead end jobs for us to abuse, you might want to put on your business hat and pull yourself and others up and out of this financial deficit basket. 10 percent leads 90 percent!

If you want to hear more details about this program and exactly how - please join us - Event Planning, hospitality management. Explore different cultures, continually broadening your opportunities and Learn more. Get the events started.

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