Normal Life too much for wealthy people

Is a normal life too challenging for a wealthy people or is that lazy people? What happens when a person has too much? How do they amass so much wealth?

Being rich ought to be a scary thing from what I see happening to all these people who happen to achieve a certain level of material wealth? In every case, there are “a them” and “an us” mentality? They can no longer associate with us? Should that be? Right now, wealthy people are powerful figures in our societies and are the people after which, we pattern our lives. I do not know why, but is that normal or the only lifestyle we know?

People with wealth do not live normal lifestyles. They take everything over the extreme. I have often heard it referred to as “living on the edge” or “living outside the box”. There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle as long as it is within reason. However, the boundaries of the box have been stretched to its limits and a normal lifestyle is a thing of the past. Rich and poor there are only two types and now they are pitted against each other, all because of a dollar.

Here in is the problem. Rich people look down on poor people and poor people look up to rich people. A poor person can no longer be satisfied living a normal life. So that means all people are now striving to live a rich person’s lifestyle. No matter how much money you have, you never have enough. No matter how much progress you make, you never have time. The more money you make, the more your boundaries are stretched. Rich people are so obsessed with beating their own record for amassing wealth, they never think about a normal life.

After you become so wealthy, you become sophisticated. Everything you do, you do to the max. Being sophisticated, you look down on people who have not attained the same level of material wealth. You are offended by people who wear their paints below their butts, but you are open to people who wear expensive designer clothes. You snob a people walking or driving a ragged car, but you are attracted to someone riding in a limo. You are successful when you can take your family out to dinner, but you are a failure when you have no food to eat at home. Only people with money can go to the doctor, dentist, attorney, food, shopping, and housing? Where is the room for poor people? Do we have to have a 9-5 job in order to live on this earth? Just what does that mean? Are we slaves to the dollar? Nobody cares. Now, money has become our greatest incentive to live.

So nobody knows what is normal any more, can not be your excuse, for you are accountable and responsible.

The people I refer to as poor, are not actually poor, they are truly normal people, accept by our own standards. Why does it need to be this class division? Is this our future? Does it look bright? Will we do anything to change our self-destructing or self-defeating course?

How many ways can you be fruitful and multiply? Though we know a wealthy lifestyle cannot be had, we continue to glorify wealthy lifestyles. Due to greed, they are over worked and do not live a normal life. When they are off, they try to pack everything in to their big boy toys.

Even though we know all the trouble money brings, We tell so many lies to disguise it. That is why it is so hard for poor and rich people to co-exist. Is that why detox, botox, and psychiatric care are so popular? Why cannot rich people do what they can for poor people and poor people do what they can for rich? Why does one always have to have the advantage over the other?

What would poor people do if it was not for the rich? They would live a normal lifestyle. Community living would be at its best. No one would be set on a pedestal due to material wealth. No ridiculous health care expensives, attorney fees, drug and alcohol rehabilitation or education just for a degree. The price of food and oil would be stabilized. Inflation would be non-existent. People would be more friendly and practical in their daily living - civilized. There would be jobs and computers, cell phones and other mass media means would be used as needed. That would be one less reason to be pitted against each other?

What happens when a person has too much? They a pitted against the others. Whatever happened to checks and balances?

The question is, "Are we following the wrong people"? What about "No child left behind"? How long do "we" wait for "them" to get "our" the economy back on track? So how is it an "us" and "them", a rich and poor?

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