What your wife might say about you after your death?

Memory of Shawn Lives on Through Wife’s Generosity

Sarah and Shawn, class of 1947, worked together for years at the Chevrolet car dealerships Shawn owned in the Oakland area; then they spent just about every day together during their 25-year retirement. We had a great life together and just a perfect marriage, Sarah recalls. Who has and what is "The perfect marriage"?

Shawn died suddenly in 2008, but Sarah draws comfort in having found a way to honor her husband’s memory and their life together: Sarah recently established a Scholarship Fund. After Sarah’s lifetime, funds from her estate will help deserving college students.

Shawn entered school as a smart and high-spirited 14-year-old. He got into regular trouble with his friends and was no stranger to walking the “bullring” as a disciplinary action, but nevertheless, he was a good student and earned high grades.

Bullring, if I used another word, the meaning would not be the same. How do you get into “regular trouble”? So Shawn and I ought to be spiritual “bullring” buddies. And as bullring buddies, why did not Shawn’s school accept or recognize Negroes as fellow human beings, during those times…”regular trouble now”, a smart and high spirited man? Or did Shawn just “go with the flow”? Furthermore, why was the “bullring” discontinued? What if you thought you were falsely accused?

After graduating with his personal strengths disciplined and well-developed, Shawn went on to earn a Doctorate degree. He served here, there, everywhere? How much personal strength does it take to go with the flow? Why would you want to continue going with the flow, when the flow is carrying you further and further away from where you want to be? Is it self-discipline or is it selfishness, inferiority/superiority complex? You are talking times of gross gender and racial discrimination. Only who could have enjoyed those kind of times?

They were good times for one people and terrible times for another people. They were times when a people looked down on his fellow man just because of skin color and gender.

So what exactly is the other side of the story? Do you really want to know or would you prefer to sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened. It just wasn’t that bad? We were nice to our niggers. Would you want to see a young black boy go to such a school? If the times and people were so good, why must we change? Why are we in a depressing economy? Somebody has to take blame or be responsible? How can we ever correct the problem when we fail to properly recognize the problem? I can forgive, but I shall never forget? Why would you want to glorify that particular part of history? Why glorify the “bullring” when it was removed due to “something akin to inhumane treatment?

Can you plead ignorance based upon age? Are you innocent because you did not know and failed to recognize a very emotionally disturbed history and people? Licks hurt? Hangings were real and legal? Jim Crow ran rampart? The proof of the matter is today “and it really has not gotten that much better”. Why not? Things have really gotten worse? So how will you work harder? Do you know how many people worked hard for "nothing"? Share-cropping!

I do not mean to offend anyone, I just want to be truthful. It is sad, but true. Abuse in any form is not acceptable? You do not realize all the people you have hurt, being arrogant and ignorant? You are writing now, what happened then. Remember, there are two-sides to every story, if you are going to tell one, tell both.

Hitler was also a smart man with good intentions, do we glorify him? So should women glorify a time of double standards and abuse? My father was born in 1906, my mom in 1915 or does that matter? Where was the scholarship for them?

Shawn learned when things got tough, you work harder. Why not smarter? Learn from the bad and take the best lessons and move on. How has a "bullring" ever helped anyone get any where?

What is the difference between prison and a bullring? Just how do you teach young men and women to become men and women. Love and Work together! This is the "United States of America" isn't it? As a punishment, why force people to do more stupid shit?

It is a mentality that we must change.

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