Nothing Seems To Work

How strong are you?

I mean that. Nothing I do seems to work for me! I do not know about your life, but for mine, it seems the end has come. Worse, it seems I am going backwards. The more I believe, the faster in reverse my life goes. I am not going to cry too much about it, but it seems God wants me to survive on nothing or less than nothing, especially when it comes to money, especially when it comes to love.

That can be very frightening. For years you work like hell, get nothing and on top of all of that, the economy? What family? What friends? What help? The clock is ticking! Further, you hear about groups like The Tea Party Express who say to hell with it and suggest starting a violent uprising. Doing things we will be even more ashamed of. How strong are you? Where is your faith? That is why we are in this sad state of affairs, greed and abuse.

What do I do? Where can I go? How do I over come?

Out of all that stuff I named, I know there are many suffering much more than I. Notice, I never mentioned sick and shut in, the elderly, less fortunate, prisoners, troops, debt and the list goes on.

I acknowledge the presence of God within me that heals and enables me to move forward. I have another day to do great and wonderful things to help you, before it is too late.

Though, I am not able to undo the past, I know one word that is filled with all the grace and love I need to move past any mistake or misstep: forgiveness. I begin by forgiving myself and then others. As I embrace compassion, I am filled with peace and hope! Hope is all I need. I can look forward. I know it is going to change.

Don't give up! Hold on?

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