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If you are an American concerned about finding and fighting terrorism, you might want to save a hand or a bullet to cover your own ass.

As many of us bite the bullet during these tough economic times, depending and being patient for our government to bail us out, there is a new fire burning just beyond the horizon. Yeap, right here in America and it has to do with ill feelings about bailouts, economic failures, and a governing class out of touch with reality.

I could not agree more, but I do not agree with using threats of violence to achieve any goal. I do not believe in threatening the safety and security of anyone. Then, who is the terrorist? I will survive, just like anyone else. My pen is my weapon of choice and history is made every day. The culprit of this whole thing is our government, which has a long history of being and doing too little too late. Our government is quick to bailout failing corporations, leaving the people at their mercy. Why don’t we give the power back to the people? Then, people who want to stay and deal with all this ignorant racist bullshit can stay and the others can pack up and leave, before all hell breaks loose. Especially, those considered targets? We could all do each other a big favor. Talking about man-sharing!

What’s ironic about it all is their anger is being fueled by a rise of the extreme right, racism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and the proper progressive response. Though they are coming closer together, they feel if we all got any closer together we are going to kill each other. In other words, they are recruited based on the economic card and educated on the race card. If you understand why we are in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan; then you can understand what is about to happen in America.

Organizing for America, who's winning who's losing? Really, what races make-up the real American? Who isn’t an immigrant? No Niggers, Jews or Mexicans is just a FEAR factor. Why are Niggers always the first to be targeted? What about the Indians? Haven’t we all suffered enough? Now, had this been an anti-semitic group in Germany, immediate action would have been taken. But since these type organizations target Niggers, Jews and Mexicans, oh well, to hell with their threats.

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