OBAMA'S Birth Certificate

What must I do for the truth to come to me...OBAMA'S B/Certificate by Kay Floiri

I am responding to Bill write-up on OBAMA'S B/Certificate...(scroll further down).

As a Kenyan born before the Rummells's country's independence from Britain, I can tell you that birth certificates were not issued, even to the live births in the few hospitals that existed then.

Many baby deliveries were done at home by traditional midwives; and the dates were kept by parents. Only a few hospitals (mainly in the big cities) would issue birth certificates; and only on rare occassion when requested by parents. To most Africans such a piece of paper was not the first thing in their minds.

I for one; like many Kenyans, left the country after high school and it wasn't until then when I got my birth certificate issued! My birth certificate states that I was born in KENYA!!

All I'm saying is that, that part of Obama's birth certicicate's authenticity argument CANNOT be used as evidence; and that WIKIPEDIA doesn't always know/Tell EVERYTHING!!! Peace. --- Kay.

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