Organic versus Conventionally

At this stage they just do not make "no damn sense". Any fool knows...

Which is best, synthetic milk or momma's milk? Cow milk or momma's milk? Think about shit....You cannot keep me down.

Organic versus versus conventionally grown, conventionally grown versus commercially grown, commercially grown versus locally grown, massed produced versus …, grown by foe versus friend…?

Now, you don’t have job, loans, banks... your family is falling a part, economic and social decline… And you are still confused, asking the question, "should I switch"?

Your children have no idea… sickness and disease. What was wrong with GROWING YOUR OWN? How do you get all these …. Out of your business? What was wrong with the food we were growing?pesticides and antibiotics. the nonmedical use of drugs on the farm.

How can you be self-sufficient, self-sustaining, self-anything when someone else is doing all your damn work – WTFU? You want the harvest, but not the work? And on top of all that shit, you don't want to cook, a double whammy. You don't child care your own children... Don't allow the baby sitter to be the MOMMA.

We nannied all these motherfuckers and you gon give them your children to raise? Now, they gon tell you. Would you give your children to Jeffery Dahmer, Ms Daisy, GWB, Hillary, Condelessa, cLARENCE Thomas, Herman Cain... to raise? We already know. I was guilty, but when I learned better, I did better and now, I am telling you.

How can we learn or know without telling the truth?

Think about eating, we’ve become too busy, too smart to grow what’s most important to us? Why do Jews eat kosher foods? The hired help? There is confidence in knowing.Grow your own and to thy own self be true

(((your inner

To hell with the man in the mirror, what about The Mirror

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