Obama supporter in Townhall meeting

How do people know what is true, and why do people want a new system that can help more of us?

Black Obama supporter in Townhall meeting! Woman Confronts Obama at Town Hall Meeting! Exhausted, deeply disappointed about Defending The Obama Administration and waiting.

Being a CFO, how does she feel about all the other unlucky Americans? For what is she waiting? Why does she feel she has to defend someone as capable as the Obama Administration?

Lost of support for The Obama Administration, people are very hypocritical and that is nothing new. What about Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, Bernie Madoff and the Bush Administration? Former President Bush’s town-hall meetings — which were held almost exclusively in party strongholds, with tickets distributed primarily to supporters. George Bush aggressively screened his audience members, even requiring volunteer service or loyalty oaths before being allowed to attend his events.

Is this what happens when The President opens Unscreened, first-come, first-served Town Hall Audiences? What happened to the Clean Break From Bush’s Supporters-Only Public Events ? Had this been a previous President, this supporter could not attend. Race card, has there ever been a better time for African-Americans in America? Why does it have to be "a Black", "a Woman"? I live in rural back woods, dirty south Georgia, dead in the middle of a republican strong hold and I can tell you things, from a social point have changed. African-Americans are not ignored nearly as much as in previous times. Financially, throughout the history of America, African-Americans have suffered most, especially those in rural areas. Since the election of The Obama Administration, things have gotten better, more blacks and minorities are being considered and that is how this lady got so much attention. Communications, information we would not have known or been privy to is now known. Knowledge is power, what you do with that power is up to you.

I am not defending anyone; my question is why do not we pull together for a positive result? Why are so many politicians trying their level best to divide and conquer? Why don't we hold local politicians responsible for representing our needs? “No More Blood For Oil.” Times are tough for everyone and for African-Americans, even tougher as usual. I understand any frustration, but am very concerned the comments of this flipped supporter are being used as a political move to oust The Obama Administration. Is she a “wolf” dressed in sheep’s clothing?

Remember the choices you had, the choices you made and Why? Would they have done any better or would it be politics as usual?

The public did not have a voice in supporting The Bush Administration, why don't we give The Obama Administration some credit for giving us at least a voice in his administration?

An "underlying fear” among the public that people somehow won’t get the attention they need. We have never gotten the care.

When I see images on tv, in newspapers or on the Internet that are violent or divisive, I may struggle to remain at peace. Through prayer, I visualize the world enfolded in God's love. Love is at work, blessing and healing. May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in harmony with one another.


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