Removing opinion and voice

Removing opinion and voice from any kind or story — for fear of alienating any segment of a potential audience?

Most of the mass media news we receive is informative, but not necessarily important to our daily living. Mostly because we are in the buying and selling business instead of focusing on news we think important to daily living.

I can understand sticking to the subject, but I can not understand how one can remove themselves and truly relate the importance of any story?

My opinion and voice removed from any story I tell, how can I truthfully relay its importance without properly applying my own objectivity? He said/she said reporting, is nothing without thinking of the importance, first to yourself and others around you. We’re hiding it.

Another big part adding to the objectivity problem is out of concern for connecting with buyers and sellers. Should that be a priority in my story telling or is that a marketing and advertising concern? May my work speak for itself.

Why would I even attempt to capture a story of no particular interest to me or thought to be of no interest to anyone? This is my call, my opinion or the opinion of someone else.

Audiances highly value people who know things, who can find things out, who can distinguish between what’s important and what’s not, who can distinguish between what’s true and what’s not, and who can communicate succinctly and effectively. All of this is based upon objectivity.

My goal is to bring those things to the forefront in any story I am telling and that hinges on my abilities to ask, relate and relay what I perceive to be, pertinent information. Being frank!

The object of any reporting is to tell the truth and your audience, buyers and sellers will eventually find you.

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