Oil Profits 2011

a barrel of oil and your pockets

How much were Oil company profits for 2011? Is cutting oil giveaways "un-American"?

I do not hate no man for being a master of his own domain, but when you know certain things they can dictate how you respond.

Will you keep going to the pumps until they suck your pockets dry? Are you willing to give more money out our your paycheck to help GIANT OIL COMPANIES continue screwing the American people? While the oil industry has been earning billions in profits, gas prices have surpassed $4 a gallon, the highest ever in the history of America and you say we are getting better?

The price of gas fluctuating everyday, making it harder and harder for you and I to ride, to nurture and grow relationships, handle your business, live the American Dream,,,,what kind of profits are these guys making while we suffer?

Some may not see it as suffering, but do you know the feeling of knowing you are about to run out of groceries? What about the American Dream, is this what it is supposed to look like? Where are your brains and guts? For what do you stand? Are you so blind that you cannot see these oil companies are cleaning our finacial clocks? Don't ask me why, but you cannot even predict what the cost of a gallon of gas is going to be from one day to the next. Is that a sign of a stable economy? Wake-up and take action. Baseball-- swinging the bat and missing is better than standing at the plate and allowing yourself to be struck-out, never even tried to swing. Apple pie and ice cream!

What are they going to do with your hard earned profits? Will the reinvest?

The Big 5 oil companies just raked in profits of Guy Cecil says: $32 BILLION, IN 3 MONTHS. Even crazier, some politicans are insisting that oil companies need taxpayer subsidies. So Big Oil gets you twice – once at the pump, and again in the paycheck. Jim Messina says: CEOs from the five major oil companies -- which together booked $36 billion in profits in the first quarter of 2011 alone -- went to the Senate to try to justify the $4 billion in tax giveaways they're receiving this year.

On the surface, there appears to be a discrepency of $4 billion or I do not totally understand, but both are saying pretty much the same thing.

It's a head-smackingly obvious example of how broken Washington is that there's even a question about this. These companies don't need and don't deserve taxpayer money -- especially with a budget deficit to close and gas prices at or near record highs.

Even worse is the fact that when the Senate tries to strip these oil company giveaways, it's likely that a minority of senators will block a vote from happening. And even if the Senate manages to pass a bill eliminating the giveaways, there's little chance it will be brought up for a vote in the House.

You work for your money, but these five companies are expert manipulators of the money-for-influence game. At this stage you will not be able to affect the outcome of next week's vote.

This corporate welfare has got to end, NOW.

We need a newer, cleaner form of Energy! Guy Cecil says go here and be recognized: Tell Politicians to Stop Subsidizing Big Oil

Jim Messina says, Add your name to our call for a new kind of politics today: Making Washington Work

What are other parties saying? What will you do? Do you have a choice? Pumps and Pockets?

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