One Split Second

One Split Second, All it takes is one.

These are the days in which we are living. He wants every generation to increase. Just look at the old days and then today.

Things happen faster today, than ever before, at least during my life time. All it takes is one split second and God can turn things around. He can turn your life around. I mean he can accelerate whatever it is you are going through, in any direction. Just depends on how you believe.

The economy, in one split second, we went from an all time high to an all time low. We had no control of it, but when it hits, you are looking for somebody else to blame. Think about that?

All those people who had been doing wrong for so long and the consequences they are paying today? What else could it be? Why certainly if it was upto them, they would be still operating. Things change, they are changing and good people are making it happen. What good does bad do? Well, it your split second, but when things change, you will be looking for somebody to help you. It is a new world and people can find out more about you quicker than ever. This is my testimony and I am so excited.

In one split second He can reveal something to you, that you never ever thought would happen to you, in a way that can not be denied. That is why it is better to walk by faith instead of sight.

I am proof and I am nothing special. Everyday I wake up and can look out my door, window and see the beauty of nature, I stand firmly in my faith. I meet life courageously and confidently, seeing beyond appearances to the underlying good. No phony bullshit here. I write about it and I pay in order to do that. I want to be rewarded in kind and I know God is the only one who can save me. He has brought me this far, why should I change. I am going fishing.

Through faith I overcome every limitation. I know that God's power in me is greater than any situation I may have to meet or overcome; God is greater than any condition or circumstance.

With this faith I am fearless and free. Faith dispels fear, for faith knows the nothingness of fear. Faith reminds me that God is the only presence and power in my life. Today, I heard a lady say, Good morning Mr. Jones, I did not want to come to work, but I thank God I had a job to come to.

Through faith I am steady and strong. I am assured that with God there is always a way, with God there are always right answers.

Through faith I walk in the light. I am shown the way of my highest good. I am healed. I am blessed. We walk by faith, not by sight.

Here is another little secret for you: He can speed things up too, Further and Quicker! His dreams for you are greater than your own. Water to wine! Whatever He ask you to do, just do it, in one split second.

your inner

you do not know what your are doing? You have control over absolutely nothing, but God does. People think they do, but take it from slavery...whatever you do or fail to do, somebody is going to be held accountable.


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