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Is the web God’s Little Black Book, "In the Web We Trust".

You reputation being online or on the line, theirs a big diffence? The only thing you’ll ever get off the web is information and for that reason and that reason only, the web has become a most valued source for information, if not the most valued.

When was the last time you actually scoured the Internet to see just where your name pops up and in what context?

Today, online reputation and management is more critical than ever, especially since the advent of social networking. Anything we post online is there for good; nothing can ever be deleted, just buried.

This means behaviors of you back in the day could show up years down the road. While we all do dumb things at various points in our lives, you never know what will come back to haunt you.

Should this count against you? Between the web and cameras, I think these are causing people, with bad intentions, to be a bit more thoughtful and careful in the commission of a wrong doing. People will know and learn better.

Many users of Facebook and Twitter firmly believe the employer has no right to control any comments, photographs or other use of the employee’s private account. On the other hand, trigger-happy employers believe they can fire employees based on any negative information an employee posts on private accounts. As a result of these misconceptions, both are finding themselves in difficult and unwanted legal situations.

Your reputation used to be private, but not any more. Increasingly, your privacy is becoming a thing of the past.

Is this a cause for concern? Well, if one is living pretty good, why would it be? They lied about Jesus Christ, so why would they tell the truth about you? Can you really trust what you read online? Does it depend on who wrote it? Are we "duking it out" on the web?

Do you write? Should anyone trust what you write? Web or not, your reputation is always at stake, whether anyone is watching, reporting or lying. Remember, why wouldn't they lie about you?

The best defense is a web offense!

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