Oppression and Injustice we suffered at the time

Why do most people who resort to violence, resort to violence?

We know that the oppression and injustice we and our ancestors endured was unbearable, unthinkable and inhumane, by the thinking of any reasonable human being.

As descendants of irrational people, when will we be rational and humane? When will we stop all the bullshit and treat each other with love and respect?

Have you ever had to explain, how you love everybody? What about how many different kinds of love there are? Instead of being confusing as hell, why cannot love just be love?

Today, it is almost a sin to say those words in public. We are ashamed of them? When will a white man say I love you to a black man? Not for any racial things, but because we know that is how we are supposed to live? Not only with black, but all colors.

And what is unique about our situation: WE KNOW BETTER, because we just came through the shit---Native Americans, Black Americans and White Americans.

We know not one of us is superior to any of us but we cannot let go of that mentality? We just cannot say, Fuck it? And that word is mild in comparison to what we are actually doing to each other? Why all the phoniness? Why do we keep playing around like we do not know what going to happen?

Do we not realize that oppression, in any form, makes a person, even a wise one act crazy? People become out-raged when they learn they are being mistreated. Terrorism, high crime, over inflation, shortages of land and resources,,,Do we enjoy watching each other act crazy? The feel their actions are divinely sanctioned, mandated by God.

Not just in America, but across the globe? Now, you know how I feel as I hear you on TV? You know why I pay the news no attention. One bad thing after another, they are missing the most important stuff.

Even crazier, the good things we know we should be doing, we feel are not mandated, sanctioned by God, even though we know they are. Go figure!!! We know there are consequences that we cannot bear, we do not want to bear them, yet we keep doing the same old stupid shit and calling it something else--emancipation proclaimation, constitution, civil/human rights, equal opportunity employment, higher education, affordable housing, health care....

Why do not we give credit where credit is due? So why is all this information so important, if you haven't figured that out? What can you do? START THINKING FOR YOURSELF!

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