How are humans ruining the earth

Is this my opinion or fact? Are "we" actually destroying ourselves and our habitats, why?

Let me first ask this question, are we as stupid as we look?

When you hunger, where do you go? Do you try and take it all without regard for others, so you can make the most profit? Buying food, will your system work, will it last? Why do we do it?

Your system does not work for you and it will never work. How, why must any person buy the essentials to life? In that, where is the prosperity? If we were doing better, food would be progressively cheaper, along with a whole bunch more stuff, like water? Things would be healthier! Instead, we are going in just the opposite direction.

Every since I have been big enough to know myself, I have known that me and my buddies are busy destoying each other. But that never came to a realization to me until now. I never tried to do anything, just went with the flow, until now.

It has nothing to do with global warming, that is just one little piece of the puzzle. But it is just how far off track we are, how long we have been that way and how little we care about doing what we are supposed to do?

We are supposed to be good caretakers of self, home and country. Now, we act like so, but we do just the opposite, knowing we are destroying the very thing which we are building. What sense does that make? How smart do you need to be? Is tha hopeless?

How are we destroying self and home? Today, it is a sad state of affairs - spirituality, wars, pollution, poor management of land and resources. In all our fancy foot work, how much more negligent can we be? As a superior being, are we really a low-life piece of shit?

Why will not we correct matters? Conditioned, brainwashed, Greed! We made up in our minds that it is about the "here and now" and we are the only ones that matters to us. Why else do we keep building more cars, houses.... like a new car or house is the only thing that matters. What about the old ones?

Is it the lower class or the upper? What difference does that make? A better question than who, is why? Why do we even go to church with such immoral conduct? TERROISM, why does it happen and when will it end?

Are we that affraid of the truth? As a new country, we are probably the last country to tell any country about what they ought to be doing?

Why do we act like we love and respect everything when we do not love and respect shit, except evil?

(((your inner

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