Oprah and Barack Obama

Oprah and Obama Oprah and Obama Oprah and Obama

There is always somebody to tell you what you can not do.

Solving problems others only talk about, year after year.

A Change you can depend on. Change you can believe in. If you believe. Stand for Change.

“And if you will stand with me in seven days – if you will stand for change so that our children have the same chance that somebody gave us; if you’ll stand to keep the American dream alive for those who still hunger for opportunity and thirst for justice; if you’re ready to stop settling for what the cynics tell you must accept, and finally reach for what you know is possible, then we will win this caucus, we will win this election, we will change the course of history, and the real journey – to heal a nation and repair the world – will have truly begun.” Barack Obama

Signed, Sealed and Delivered.--Barack Obama

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