Osama bin Laden, Dead,

Abbotabad compound

How can people be so happy about this? Why do we celebrate? Our justice system?

On Monday, May 2, 2011, Osama bin Laden, alledged al-Qaida leader and mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, killing thousands, was captured and killed in his hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan during a 40 minute raid. He was unarmed.

Justice Is Done, may he rot in hell, Joyous Americans mark bin Laden's death, the White House...! They said!

What kind of reputation or message is America sending to the rest of the world? About what are people cheering? What next for America? How do we have the right? How do we take on responsibility for what others do when our hands are full doing what we have neglected? Where does the killing fields end?

Why do I love the people you hate? That is what it makes me feel like. Osama dead, Sadam dead, including some of their children.

You know how some people want you to be mad at a people because they hate the people? Isn't it the same with a person? Now, we all rally together to punish, by death, that person? I call it the mob-mentality, vigilante style, while no American has been personally offended by either of these gentlemen. It has all been alledged. How could one or two people? How many ghosts will we chase in the name of terrorism? Wall Street says it is happening, then it is serious, Main Steet says it's happening and who cares?

We blame 911, if nothing else, wouldn't the lie about Weapons of mass destruction make us even? How many were killed due to that one lie? The question is have our communities become any more or less safe and secure?

I can only imagine being strung-up in a tree, to be hung to death and everyone passed me by because of the mob mentality. I never did anything to them, but because of what someone else said, now, I fear and hate that man to death? Can you imagine that?

What kind of response do you get when you ask yourself, why do you allow that to happen? How can we be justified? Where is the satisfaction in killing a fellow human being? Does that make us any better? I do not care what the others say to justify killing another man, the question is, does it make sense?

Okay, threat to America, but to whom is America a threat?

World peace, will this help to bring about world peace. If we cannot get peace in our country, how can we get peace the world over?

It has not been that long ago I was fighting racial terrorism. Now, do I have the right to hunt down and kill those responsible for slavery? We are talking the same kind of atrocities which were committed by and during the life time of people like Sadam and Osama, the same time period? Why do not they get hunted down and killed?

This is not race card, but a fair, frim and consistent card. I want you to think about all the low down shit we have and still do, now; compare that to what these guys have done? So, who is the greatest terrorists?

Our system of justice just does not hold a candle when you consider the Indian, racial and the Iraq wars? Where is the room for us to judge others?

If American citizens can see this why not the American leaders? Why do not we hunt down and kill some of those perpetrators?

There is a better way to solve problems and violence is not it? Why do we teach one thing and do another? What is happening to our forgiving nature?

Does one good deed deserve another, what about bad deeds? Does two wrongs make a right? A dead man cannot talk. We have lost all lessons learned and it seems we do not want the American people to know the truth.

The Navy Seals were just doing what they were told, but to murder a man, his wife and child, where is the threat of deadly force - Osama bin Laden unarmed? How does this make you a hero? Wherein is the bravery?

Instead of being concerned about what's next for al-Qaida, should not we be more concerned about what next for America? Where is the next radical, skin head? Radical people crave power and you reap what you sow? Don't ask, don't tell?

Bin Laden's body was flown to the USS Carl Vinson in the North Arabian sea, a senior defense official said. There, aboard a U.S. warship, officials conducted a traditional Islamic burial ritual. Bin Laden's body was washed and placed in a white sheet. He was placed in a weighted bag that, after religious remarks by a military officer, was slipped into the sea just hours after he was killed.

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