Osmosis and human behavior

Cultural awareness and (((shouts of condemnation))) an example is everyday life?

Cultural awareness (((shouts condemnation))), are we like little children? Failing to pick- up and act on good information is very dangerous, at the least, ESP, when it is from yourself!

Osmosis is the movement of molecules across a membrane from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration. It is a natural force or process occurring to maintain balance, in a world that is constantly moving - gravity and/or attraction? So, if this is true, why and how do we overdue things? The truth is, we cannot.

How can we not believe in spirits, but believe in osmosis? We can explain how molecules go through a thin skin, but we cannot explain why human beings resist good instinctive behavior. Why are we so eager and easy to fool? With all our education and infinite wisdom, why is it so hard to resist evil? Why are we so far off the mark?

Moral Principles Learned via Social Osmosis says: we all are fully aware of our capacity to do good or evil. They prove it through the behavior of young children and their shouts of condemnation, (without conscious effort).

I call it behavioral osmosis. There is good behavior and evil behavior. Point being, as adults, certainly we have and know these same principles. They are feelings which are innate and instinctive to us (((your inner voice))). When properly adhered, they serve to keep us balanced, no matter what we learn or teach.

Why do we put up such a front to do good, knowing all the time, it is evil --education? We spend most of our lives learning to compete against each other, surviving and depending on a group who has been sucked dry – going with the flow. Why do we keep throwing ourselves further and further off-balance? Is that why we have so many forces pulling against us -fear? Is it natural not to want to share - selfishness? Are we practicing something that is naturally not good for us - greed? Is this membrane an additional obstacle manufactured and installed by human hands to slow prosperity, though we say enhance?

Would we be better served by learning and teaching from natural processes - pride? I am not against formal education, but if the current system was working, would not we be a better people and system? Would not we all have more? Do we realize that? Are we hindering the natural processes of osmosis? There is a stiff penalty to be paid for doing so. For every action there is a reaction! It is wise to know the difference.

At this late stage in life, I have learned there is a good bunch of people out here, who really understand how to prosper and I desire to be a part of them. They are independent thinkers, with prosperity of the community as a whole as their mission and they are not afraid to share it- SELFLESS. It is all natural, True prosperity – osmosis and human behavior! Are you attracted to them?

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