Good Outlook On Life?

Having a good outlook, how do you see me? The side effects of life, living? How do You compare?

Do you need a picture?

A Good Outlook on life? Don't need that do you? Want to be an astronaut, the coolest job ever? NASA is cutting back?

Is tension natural? All that stress? Fear? Attacks? Killings? Poverty? Suicide in a war zone? How do you know about depression, high blood pressure, diabetes? The side effects may cause death.

Consistency pays. An opportunity to have A different outlook on at least one aspect of your life? Takes the power away from you? Correct that? This kind of thing creates misunderstandings. What about a break through right now? Could our country use that?

We’ve been hit by a lot of violence this year, natural and manmade! Outlook – Sensitive Dominate behavior, dominating you. Sensitive Dominate behavior creates violent aggressive behavior, fear, nervousness, violence, avoidance on your own.

Why can not I dominate that behavior – avoidance on your own? What about good physical condition and doing all the things to maintain good health? Good health, good community, good everything. A good outlook on life – Positive Energy – Calm Submissive.

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