People are cutting Back

And Economic Disaster Is Headed Your Way! Costs and Consumption?


How can you cut back without sacrificing?

With times getting tighter and tighter, how can you cut back without sacrificing? You cannot!

Cutting down on costs and cutting back on consumption are high priorities these days. As people tighten belts, so are many companies. There has been severe cut backs in production and hiring. Do you think “your going back to school is going to turn this around”? NO, NO, and NO! The only thing that can help turn this economic disaster around is “Getting Back to Basics”.

It is too far gone and there is really nothing you can do to turn this economic disaster around. However, there are many things you can do to prepare yourself. For starters, empty your pockets into a jar before it is too late to save money. Make exact change when purchasing small items. Protect yourself from robbers and thieves.

The more you can do for yourself the better off you will be.

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