Over Promising

Working and playing with purpose and passion!


Purpose and Passion, how are you working? How do you confirm that? Stop blaming everything and body for your woes.

Stop whinning. Historically, this has been the problem and still is today, especially in corporate and political America. Just listen to them and media sources. Whose blaming who? Of which what can be the outcome?

Over promising is being unaccountable for your actions. That brings to mind all the over promising done to trick people today - treaties, marriages, contracts, deceptions, talking about red tape. And No other funny stuff added? Who cares if we all had one? What about like-minded individuals? Or must we degradate them with our technology?

What good is it if you can't share? What is your cost for sharing? Are you justified? What happens when you need help?

Just what have we created here? Just why is not a good old fashion HAND SHAKE, good enough any more? And allow people to move on? Why do we have a need to make us think we are in control of everything? Why would you want to asassinate anybody?

Over Promising! What happened to being a good old fashion productive citizen of the RED, WHITE and BLUE? Is not that powerful enough?

What must we run out of before we lose computers, telephone and all other means of communications? What's your back-up plan? Do we have one? How smooth, quick can it be implemented? Is it even worth thinking? Maybe it's classified! Would you rather argue about capital punishment, budget, health care, who shot John?

Spoken words are only a small part of the communications process, how you respond completes it.

Empty promises, if you do not work with a purpose, you will never find a passion. As long as we have a plan and practice, we can execute it. What is your purpose?

How different are we? What are we doing with our differences? Differences build strength and depends on your intentions. How do you practice discipline?

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