Race, Class, Gender, Age differences

Race, Class, Gender, Are things getting better or worse? What about Age Discrimination? Is that really sick! Are we through?

We would like to think we have gotten so much better!

Are some groups of people better at some things than other groups? Does any of these perceived differences make one group inferior or superior to the other? Then, why are we still doing that? Does not that make us our own enemies? How can you fight yourself and survive? How many ways can we hate/violate ourselves?

A Brotherhood Based on Love has evolved into a brotherhood based on race, class, Age and gender. How did we get the two confused? We preach respect and love, knowing we are going in the opposite direction! This racial divide is to prove a mute point. For brevity sake, let us call them “the evil trinity”.

Why is this more important than ever before? We keep dealing with them one at a time, instead of swatting the whole damn thing.

Is it that we just do not give a shit? In today’s time, how can you be prejudice in any regard? And if you are, how do you and anything around you expect to prosper by it? Think about shit! On one hand, we say what we did and/are doing is not good, then; on the other, we are doing exactly that. On top of all that, we say, We want to work out our differences? My question is, with whom?

Can you just let it go and expect things to work out? Is that how and why so many marriages and relationships are breaking down? How can we be united? Is it because there is no serious commitment and the real problem is being neglected? You can love a woman, but hate an Indian. You bite the hand that feeds you, why? Enter in a Black person and the odds significantly increase. ON one hand we make laws, knowing we do not intend to keep them. This is nothing new and the problem was first identified early on with Native Americans. How can you expect to resolve any conflict by getting everyone to sign a peace agreement, you created for us all to better coexist, knowing all along, you do not intend to keep it? Exactly, who are you fooling? Who are you? You act like you freed your slaves knowing all the time you are going to do everything to keep them?

You never were right and do not intend to change. Just as you forced change, will change be forced upon you? What and why is it so difficult for us to peacefully coexist with others, on the same level? Are you really superior or is it you who are INFERIOR to the good of everything?

We take responsibility for a lot of stuff, but where it really counts most, where it is most important, we always fall short. So who wins in these types of situations? Are white folk winning? What about Native Americans and Black folk?

Just why have we been so slow in the resolution of these known problems? Why do not white folk recognize their mistakes? In all these situations they have been the culprit.

Why do not Native Americans recognize theirs? Why not Black Americans? And here is the biggest of all, WHITE MEN also feel threatened by WOMEN. Why else would you make them second class citizens? We would like to call it something else but when you look at our history, it all means the same thing, superior to. Everybody had their places, but you forced them into it. You made yourselves superior and all others inferior?

How could any rational person rationalize that? How can any rational person not feel some sense of responsibility? How can any rational person not do anything about it, other than deny it?

What is it like to belong to a SUPERIOR Race? I would not know? Is it like belonging to a superior Church? Today, all the “big boys” blame/explain it away on another people and time? But the serious question remains, How does it haunt us today, why?

A person that says, we are making serious progress needs to have their head examined. We have made not nearly the progress we want to give ourselves credit for and as a matter of fact, due to our denial, we are losing more than we will ever gain. All that trouble was created in the flash of a moment, why cannot the cure be just as deliberate? Is it that I will not let it die or am I telling the truth? Even Black Folk hate Black Folk?

You see, that is my point? In the daylight we act as if we are alright with this difference thing and as soon as we are out of the light, our hatred comes back? Why act? What good does that do when you actually hate? What game are you playing? Are we our own enemy?

Is there an easy fix? Yes, but we refuse to accept the facts. How can you fix something, you fail to recognize or admit? You remain in denial? That was the original problem and it is just as real today, if not more so. Well, if you are having a lot of trouble fixing this little problem, how can you rationalize repairing greater problems? Can you afford to pick and choose? Are our priorities in order?

Does racial differences really exist? The biggest problem is not only the victims are abused, but the perpetrators are even more guilty? What about our judicial processes for bringing perpetrators to justice? Is that apart of the problem too, is that proof you are in denial and never intend on righting your wrong? Is that proof the same prejudices still exist today, we are in a serious state of denial and still fail to properly deal with this issues? Why are we so fearful? Yes, they exist and getting worse instead of better. Though there are isolated incidents to prove otherwise, the vast majority are dumber than ever before.

Race, Class, Gender and Age differences, are they in all disciplines and at all levels of our society? Are we seriously infected?

A lot of people ask me, “What are you doing”? Now, I turn that question around and I ask you, “What are you doing”? “Where are you going with this?”

This is 2011 and there still are well more Race, Class, Gender and Age differences than love and respect! What does that say for the direction in which we are moving? Why is that? Am I wanting to push everyone together in an orgy or so, Or are you trying to tell me everything is alright? Do you actually think we are gradually making progress or are we headed in the wrong direction?

Talking about dealing in the Black Market? Think about your part, are you helping or hindering?

Don't you know everyone of us fits in each of these categories (((Race, Class, Gender and Age))) at different stages in our lives?

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