Is porn forbidden? See what I mean?

The clean in spirit, the pure in spirit, why do you defile that?

Why would any sane human being make the shit they really want to see, forbidden? I wished I could see me some PORNOGRAPHY about now? We do have some say-so in what’s going on don’t we? You mean you cannot find a nice way to sit down and nicely watch porn. Now, can you see how you have corrupted the world. Why did you even create the word?

Reckon, if I were South Africa in, I would want to see some pornography?

Questions: Why do you call it pornography? And why do you want to keep it away from your kids? How in the hell is it degrading to women, when for every man, there's a WOMAN, consensual, safe?

Now, were concerned about STD's and who are the very people bringing these nasty diseases, let's not forget. If you have or ever have an STD, you know exactly what people to blame. TV addict, you know who to blame, alcoholic - you know who to blame, guns - you know. The greatest evils ever committed in America - Uno - THE RULING CLASS.

You want to see it but you don’t want your kids to see it? You don’t want your wife? Well, things are changing.

All that bullshit, about you were concerned and hiding, stressing is about to be over. Once you stop hiding shit, your natural curiosity takes over. You do have a natural sense of curiosity don’t you? Do you not think your kids do? Then, why don’t you teach them?

Yeah, you know all that bullshit you talk about “open and honest”, why don’t you just go ahead and them you are just a “power freak”. That’s worse than pornography. Guns, Weapons of mass destruction…

Being you can’t get it at home.

(((your inner

The Ruling Class and their Un-Natural Curiosity An Un-Natural Curiosity is unhealthy, not clean in spirit and curiosity - That's dangerous.

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