Who, What, when and where about Pakistan? Where is it?

If you know of any reason why Pakistan should be under attack by the US, please tell me?

Taliban militants? Hezb-i-Islami? Groups fighting the U.S. and government troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

Who, What, when and where about Afghanistan?

Are they any worse than "White Surpremist"? Well, they had better watch-out, because "The South" is going to use them to show, How "The South Will Rise Again". They are going to start with posting "a rebel flag" in the capitol cities.

Reckon they got something against African-Americans or Native Americans? Well, we are the backbone of America. Boy, that's narrowing things right down, isn't it?

Just may be they have something against illegal immigrants? Unaffordable Health care? High food prices? Predatory lending? Foreclosed mortgages? Water and air pollution? Poor education? High utility bills? High Fuel prices? Energy shortages? Oil Hoax? Racism? Slavery? Reservations? High taxes? Drugs and alcohol, zero tolerance? Guns? Gangs? Police abuse? Animal abuse? Welfare? Social Security? Homeland security? High unemployment? Job/gender discrimination? Low wages? Inflation? Depression? Disease control? Disaster relief? High crime rate? Veterans? The elderly? Poverty? The homeless? The hungry? Orphans? Sale calls? Spam? Viruses? Idenity theft? Missing persons and Corruption? All very critical issues here on the homeland. Reckon waging war will help any of those?

Do Pakistan and Afghanistan want democracy too?

Iraq, do not you already know we have torn our drawers in Iraq? No weapons of mask destruction exceeding the weapons we took over. Yet, we continue to steal, kill and destroy.

I know, just another dumb ol negro, thinking and asking stupid questions? If you love the land you live in, don't we have enough serious problems to resolve in America?

What is fear?

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