Pants down Head down

What does it take to make you hold your head up?

If your pants are down, what does that say about your head? Can the head be up when the pants are down? What about the reverse?

How do you make people think? Can you make a person think? Why do you send them to school? Who educated them?

Pants down Head downWhy are your children down? Why are they walking around with their heads down and/or their pants down? Sometimes people don’t even know they walking around with their heads down.

How is it you don’t know? They have pumped you ass so full of shit until you think you’re better than everybody else. Instead of being rejected and admitting feelings of rejection, you make yourself believe you are accepted. Why would they accept you and nobody else. Why would you think meeting and exceeding all their criterion makes you a better human being? Isn’t that working in just the reverse? I need my second set of eyes in everything I do? Why do you never tell me you need me?

If our seniors don’t know, how in the hell can you know? Do you know for what water is? See, you only think about your own ass. Water is the life blood of every living thing, so make sure everything around you has plenty.

Because you say yours isn’t down, what does that mean to everyone else’s head being down. Ain’t they going to treat you the same? If they don’t love Barack Obama what makes you think…

It’s because everything you told them to invest in, is no longer there. Is that enough to make you hold your head down?

Do you need your inner voice? What good is when you listen and can't obey? Why won't allow you to listen to your own self? To your own self be true. cAn that work in the reverse? Is that why you are always saying you do not know what you should know? Then what are you teaching?

Why do women wear paints? What about pants that makes a man want to wear pants? What happened to riding horses in gowns?

If you pull your pants up what would that do for you head? If you pulled your head up, what would that do for your pants

(((your inner

If a whole city/community is fucked-up, what does that say about the people? How can we defend Iraqis. Worst cities in Georgia

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