Parent Abuse

Children disrespecting parents.

To the children: A wise child makes glad parents, but a foolish child is grief to their parents.

To parents: If a parent loves their children, they will correct them when they are out of line. A loving parent will guide and teach their children. Neglecting to train and teach your children means you don't love them.

Discipline teaches children there are consequences to their choices. A child who grows up with no or little discipline may become an adult who struggles with self-control, anger and respect for others. He will most likely be demanding and self-centered.

A person who rejects discipline will end up in shame and poverty. He will be stupid, act foolishly and lead others astray. A rejection of discipline reveals a person who hates themselves.

It is ashame and sinful when a child grows up and commits violent acts against their parents. Seek professional help immediately.

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