A parent’s primary responsibility is for their children. Parent is a word that means two has become one, two, three and so on… and in every regard this has to hold true, even if it is to disagree. That is the beauty of love.

Being a Dad is a tough responsibility. Being the primary family member, responsible for the safety and security of your family and deciding what matters most are your ultimate challenges. How do you balance family and work? Are you a single parent? If not careful, you can be! How many second chances do bad parents get? What adjustments need to be made? For each new attitude, a new attitude adjustment is required and family members are constantly growing. Then, there is always the concern of fertility issues. It all boils down to the power to deal with each individually.

There are many ways to be cast into this role of great responsibility, however, the less intrusive way is best, based on skills you already possess. So, it only makes sense to prepare yourself as soon as possible.

Now, I royally screwed up my first attempt or less just say, I take full responsibility for the gross failure of my first opportunity at parenthood, so less see if I can do much better by now? First, I have not given up, but there are limits to what is acceptable for one to do. Morals and ethics, would it be acceptable for your family to cheat on you? What do you do? Or is the question, how much are you willing to accept? It all breaks down to one.

Being a good parent is more than a full time job, requiring a vast appetite for love, learning and great flexibility in all the roles one is responsible for playing. No, you are not alone, but if your family succeeds, you are responsible, just as with, if your family fails, you will be responsible. Family involvement in “oneness” is one of the best investments parents can make. You may have several family members, but there is only one set of parents, of which there can only be one dad, one mom, one family, one community. All for one and one for all!

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The power of one From A Father’s Perspective

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