Parties vs. Principles?

"Political" battles for narrative?

New media, old media? New books, old books? Old school, new school? We are becoming more divided by the minute. I agree, all media are a free-for-all where truth and untruth are flung in equal measure. Anybody can easily say or write anything, but anybody is not willing to take the time out to listen and "do" what life demands of us. The truth is stranger than fiction, unlike truth, fiction has no limits.

We need people with limits, guided by principles and a leader who stands for those principles. The question is, What principles do "we, the people" agree to be guided by? We've all but thrown out the Good book. The truer narrative wins.

If you decide to step into the lime light, your life is subject scrutiny.

Walking in the light, many are called but few are chosen.

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