The Party

Why does it all happen at the party? Let me get these children ready to go to the country!

Which way did they go? Did you miss the Big Boys Party? Are your parties like a "sitting up"?

You are sitting home bored and depressed to tears, asking yourself "which way did they go"? You already know what happens when we have a party, so let's discuss what's happening behind the scenes.

What can you do at the party or the club? How does going to other places cause you to do what you fail to do at home?

Many of us long to be invited to the party and we are elated over our invitations, but what will you do at the party, that you fail to do at your own house?

Music blasting, people drinking, fellowship, groove on..., but why not at your own home? Is tearing-up your home a key factor? Is it you don’t want to open your home to such? What’s the difference between your home and the club for your most intimate encounters? If public swimming pools are public toilet bowls, what does that say about other public places? Are they really a factor

Is it your bitterness, dressing, nothingness, stuck in a rut… Couple all of that with all the different people, is that what propels you into oblivion, making you feel hot… Is it just the excitement of going? Does costumes make a difference?

Just how do you make what you want happen at home? Is all you want to do is go and act like/give the impression you are doing something different? Is it the same with church? You cannot control what other people say.

Honestly, have you played out? What is that you have to prove to others, why the mask? Why is that we can go somewhere else and do the impossible, but at home we don't shit?

Fear and shame, how do you learn these, how do we replace them? Why can't we do things with our eyes wide-open? There are many houses, but only one mansion.

Party at the party makes you feel like??? Does darkness really come to light?

(((your inner

Displacing one's self?

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