Displacing One's Self

How do I get the close, intimate relationship I want with my partner?

Why do we wait so long before we talk about the important things? Is it the better you know a person, the more apt you are to discuss important issues? Does your likes and dislikes include your sexual expressions? Is it better to deal with them later? Does bad news get better with time? Do I ask someone who has it, how do I know? How is it possible when everything I want is taboo?

First you must free your mind. Do you want them or not? We've been in a serious state of denial for a long, long time, yet we blindly follow the practices of people we don't even know. How do they have such a profound effect on your personal relationships?

Failing at this game is hazardous to your life – economically and socially.

Sadly, many, many of us are deeply retarded in our economic and social development: crippled by our own selfish inability to connect with the ones we love in a real sense and we are wildly insecure as a product of our own suffering. If it does not come with drama, we do not want it. Our past blocks our future. We are prisoners in dungeons of our own making, why?

Most of this stems from a single, egregious character flaw: the inability to displace oneself. The inability to control your emotions is a destructive behavior to yourself and those around you. Fear breeds fear! If it ain’t just the way you want it, then upset the whole ship. What happened to your ability to reason beyond reason? That’s what you would want someone else to do for you.

For whatever the reasons, many of us lack the ability to express our deepest outside of the box thinking to each other and to imagine ourselves in the situation of another. If you ain’t “God fearing”...We would rather drop you at that level than try to connect with you at a different level. We assume everyone, (((our faithful sisters))) has our likes and dislikes because heck, you got them from someone else - the same church. So whether you know it or not, everyone else must too! You want your dinky touched by a hot guy so it stands to reason hot guys want to touch it. And so on and so forth. What happened to the discussion? Is it don't ask don't tell? Do guys really play with girls?

The inability to displace oneself is serious, with implications far beyond not ever getting a healthy relationship, but destroying people, towns, countries... Now, do you understand how important it is to address one's deepest interests as soon as possible, that is if you want healthier relationships, both socially and economically. We must be true to our own feelings instead of the expectations of others. What does the next person know and understand about the freak in you? Otherwise, you ruin your chances at of ever having the close, intimate relationships we so desperately need and want. You do not think of your partner's desires or interests, because you assume they're the same as your own.

How do you keep the spirit of your relationship, by never letting it go. Do you accomplish one goal before setting another? If you do, you will run out of things to do together.

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