for the most part expression

What does for the most part expression mean? A portion, division, piece, or segment of a whole.

Peer evalulations: If someone rates you as being good, for the most part, that could mean any of these: above all, almost entirely, as a rule, chiefly, customarily, essentially, for the most part, frequently, in many instances, largely, many times, most often, often, on the whole, overall, particularly, predominantly, primarily, principally, regularly, usually.

Most folk would accept that rating and move on without further thought, taking it as well meaning; but I question that and want to know, what exactly are they saying because I do not feel that way.

I feel the suggestion of which, creates doubt and leaves too much room for confusion and chaos. In other words, must I be perfect to receive a perfect score?

People can say anything they want but what good is it when you do not understand?

So, what you are really wanting to know is, Am I good or evil? Which part of me is the "for most part of me"? Will most of me go one way, while the rest another? What can I do to make me whole?

Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Am I going to be saved? So, if I must not be perfect to receive a perfect score, why do you rate me any less?

Check yourself!

(((your inner

Confused and restless soul.

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