Peaceful civil disobedience

Talking Human Beings now, for economic and social justice, why do you even participate?

Peaceful civil disobedience, I thinking of my children now. Being quite, but still doing, still asking, refuse to obey.

Something just ain't right.

Reasoning and Logic equals effective communications. The mod, not all of them is dumb, one out of every ten. That ain't many and one day, the word is finally going to get through. Nobody wants to repeated bump their heads.

One by one, take away their audience. To save their on souls, people will change. But if you train them by force, then force is all they will know.

Martin Luther did what he had to do, but them "Mother Fuckers" knew they were wrong. I think that was the key, once a man realize and all you have to do is show them around him. Just like he RECRUITED you can too.

The problem is We wait too late to address the issues, yes, those of us in position "let too much shit go, for too long". Now, if you are going whip anybody's ass?

Armed with words, THE BIGGER THEY ARE, THE HARDER THEY FALL. The IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD! Everybody understands to leave them the fuck along and when they fuck with you. The most dangerous, deadly people are those "who do not bother anybody".

Not every SLAVE was a PUNK, but a force with whom to be reckoned, they just don't say nothing, about them. But THEY KNOW!

So inclusion: More people can read and understand and they can teach, we cannot rule out dialogue, we just have to be wiser if that is meant to be.

That will force the unruly to fall in line. They already know that shit will not be tolerated.

You know it was certain teachers, that EVERYBODY had respect for. You knew before and you knew not too even try that stupid shit in the classroom. Not this was before all that inteGRATEFUL.

Today, you have the best tools available to get in the heads and heart of every man. Use your head for something other than a Hat Rack.

The change we want now, we must set it into play now. They're teaching this in some universities and other scattered pockets.

Things are changing and good people are starting to stand up for what they know is right. They done tried and fail the other way and we are to slow bringing about positive change through our formal institutions.

It's timeout for street corner preaching, bull horns..., unless they are sounding an alarm.

To change things once and forever - REasoning, writing and good old fashion LOGIC, for the most effective and efficient means to communicate and change.

bUT THE RULE STILL APPLIES, IS MOST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT IN BRINGING ABOUT CHANGE. People must want to change, in a globally diversified world.

Peaceful civil disobedience is not a tactic, disobedience is disobedient I don't care who's doing it.

(((your inner

Every day I am thankful for the incredible passion you bring to the cause, and I’m humbled to stand with you in the fight for economic and social change. Humble is the way.

Thankful, Grateful, Awe or is that Awe shit?

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