Making your own food at home

Why is that so important or not? Do you think some food manufacturers would poison you? Do you think some food distributors are cheating?


We would rather give you $800 per month in food stamps, WIC and TANF than a place to "cook and grow your own"! Are we paying you not to do these things? Where are the leftovers?

Normally, I would say it's important because of health reasons, but any more that does not seem to be enough. Our culture has more reasons for eating out than any other. I think we think we are treating ourselves and living the high life.

Anyway, this is why I suggest you wakeup and start preparing more meals at home.

    Making your own food, more of it anyway, at home contributes to the growth and thoughtfulness of others/society. Work harder and make more.
  • it tastes better,
  • it reduces preservative intake,
  • it’s more nutritious,
  • it’s substantially cheaper than what you find in the store,
  • a family working together,
  • teaches you about cooking and cooking is about life.
  • What about obesity?

    Anyway, who knows what are leftovers any more? What do you do with them?

    Too difficult and too much time? Is fast and easy prospering us? It does take time, but is not that why we are here? Once you get used to it, most food preparation doesn’t take much more time than going to the store, buying it, taking it home, popping it out of the package, and poisoning yourself!

Food from scratch is so much better than store bought,,True or False?

(((your inner

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