Perfect imperfection

Remember how people used to say, "this/that is perfect", what has happend? It is time to raise the bar!

Ever heard that – Nobody’s perfect, you are not perfect… Well, it ain't never going to be perfect or the perfect world?

Why imperfection for an imperfect people? Together, what are we building? What are we supposed to be building together? How should you teach me and how should I learn? How strong is your economy? What happens when your economy is not strong? Future? Can my economy be weak and your economy be strong?

How strong is your faith? No matter the kind of team you are on, if your faith is not strong, what does that mean? Something so simple as faith, how we ignore that in ourselves? Doubt, doubt and more doubt, always casting doubt. You are never good enough, because you are not perfect and cannot do a perfect job?

Something so simple and essential as water, how is our water quality? Should I be responsible, the government, you or us? Why are we so free to litter a most precious resource? The cost of oil, we complain about, but the quality of water, which is much more critical to your wellbeing, we can care less? I mean, from the top down, should not our water quality be a first priority, over oil, money, budget? Well. If we were doing our jobs, would we be drinking water from a bottle? Talking about an industrialize nations, we’ve gone from free well water, portable drinking water to bottle water, which we cannot afford. How is that progress? No matter your job, position, if we do not have good drinking water, “our” quality of life, our health is going down.

To me, it is just as obvious as, if you put your hands in fire, you are going to be burned? Air quality, food quality and all we talk about is “we are not a perfect people”. How do you know? Have we tried being perfect? Because you make mistakes, does that make you not perfect? Everything else, that is natural, in life is perfect, so why am I not perfect? Why do I listen to you tell me how not perfect I am?

You see we start out telling lies, learning and teaching, we are never good enough? You must meet all our societal criteria before you can be good at anything and we tell you that perfection is out of the question. So all our perfect people go unnoticed, never heard and hushed? Why do not we have the ability to put an honest Politian in office? I know, my writings are stupid, boring, trash and none of what I am saying makes any sense, because I am not good enough for you? Even though all this wrong and wrong doing is just as obvious as can be, our politicians fall for the temptation every time? I do not feel good calling them punks, but then on the same hand, I hate seeing people abused, any people? What kind of joy do I get from unstable gas prices and no logical explanation?

So you tell me, am I not logical, out of touch with reality, I am dreaming, your money and power is greater than this stupid shit I am writing, but who is the wiser? My work is perfect and it is blessing me, whether you do or not. Do we really ever give God a chance or do we take all matters into our own hands? It ain’t about God, I would rather listen to a liar, than I would to someone telling the truth? God, Guns and Gold is the investment we have been told, but if you have God, why do you need the Gun and Gold? The modern day gold rush? Safe haven? Cash for gold parties? Oil, Gold? Why is the truth unpopular?

You are the only one who can decide if what you do is perfect, but you are not the only one who knows imperfection? People know when you are not perfect and imperfection is fast becoming our standard. Our standards are getting lower and lower, while people are getting fatter and fatter. Stress! But we just keep lying to ourselves, getting further and further off track. we can see we are destroying each other, but we just do not give a damn. How many excuses do we have?

Should be just the reverse shouldn't it? With all its errors, this article is perfect. You are perfect!

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