See the error of your ways

...see the error of your ways, The Book!

See the error of your ways, I translate like this: To understand you have been behaving badly and decide to improve your behavior. A story of a corrupt people who finally sees the error of their ways, before it is too late. We are all on a clock? Where does it start?

The government, industries, politics need to see the error of their ways. But if they knew the people would not accept them, most would not do it. Checks and balances? We have a great system, but where is the responsiblity? How much do we take for granted?

People? What a sad fate to realize, just before death, that everything we valued; really had no value at all? All hope is gone. Death is life recycled.

Some have called this site radical which makes me smile because it contains the simplest and most sensible messages.

your inner voice teaches us to take charge of ourselves and follow our passions. The true test of a person is how they feel and what they do about it. What if my whole life has really been wrong?

I can not be wrong everyday? When you do realize the error of your ways, what action do you take? Where do you go? Remember, you just came out of your closet? Do you wait for Sunday? Take a look!

your inner voice

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