The Perlander Mayo Building

Perlander Mayo Building His Own Home

To be completed 2012. A fifteen, twenty, thirty year mortgage or pay cash? Perlander Mayo is now realizing a vision he started twenty years ago and that was to build his own home, without mortgage.

Fortunate for him acting on that dream has made it possible for him to own his own home despite the worst of economic crisis since the great depression. Fifteen years ago, Mr. Mayo started collecting building supplies and storing them in the back yard of the home he’s currently renting.

Over the past two years, Mr. Perlander has done all his own contract work – carpentry, electric, masonry and plumbing and his incentive is not to owe anyone a dime. He did solicit help from a few of his good friends, but other than that, he takes great pleasure in doing all the work himself.

The land is family property passed on from his parents.

At age 78, in the land of economic and social crisis Perlander has discovered a way out and his self-worth.

Perlander has put into action without falling victim to the system. He has lived within his means and manifested his needs and now owes no one. All of which was directed by his inner voice and though mistakes were made and challenges faced, there is no train wreck here.

The Perlander Mayo Building, Pelham, Ga. We Love you Perlander and "you go boy!".....

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