Persnickety Can You Be


Why does somebody always have to be butting their nose in your business?

From a few leaves in your yard to 911?

Think about that? Phobias, where is the friendly exchange! How do you manage to have such weird neighbors? What happened to the dogs that bite human rights activists, were they put to sleep? Is the “us” or “them”? Is it offensive, snobbish or an aloof nature?

Most folk are okay until they encounter another human being and instinctively, for unknown reasons, we become a lot more beside themselves. What are you hiding? What is so important you are afraid we may find out? wE see everybody as persnickety, except ourselves.

What is this all about? Is it a defensive mechanism? Is it a holier than thou attitude? Do you see something in others you suppress in yourself? Just why do we get so excited when we encounter each other? Fear, we make each other nervous. It has to be some kind of stand off.

Yes, 911 was a single catastrophic event, but when you compare it to the way we took this country, 911 is nothing.

When you have placed yourself upon a pedestal, when you have crowned your own self King, hiding behind guns and threats – Bullies. We’re creating a persnickety environment. It just gets worse and worse, until you can’t stand yourself - phobias.

Nerves, are they nerves of steel? Can you get them under control? Who will be the first to back down? Humble and meek is the way - Self-Assurance.

(((your inner

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