Sex After Seventy


Years young makes all the difference. We get closer and closer everyday.

Every step brings you yet one step closer. Young, do you realize you're moving away from something?

Poll, Research, Scientific Study and Survey, do you really depend on them?

Does encouragement help? What happens to you? Do you realize the importance of good health, early on? The earlier the better, if you want to stay with me.

Sexy, is that something ending with youth? Youth, is that something ending with age? When does a person actually mature? Is that why we started “Senior Citizens”, but that’s for discounts. One person says, they take care of themselves. Another says, it’s all in the mind.

A couple in a nursing home sat on a bench every day. One day the woman asked the man, what can I do for you. The man said, just hold it. So from that time on, they enjoyed the company of each other, until one day. One day the lady arrived and no man, she was so disappointed. Sad, she looked down the park and recognized her partner sitting with another lady.

When she was able to get closer to him again, she asked, what does she have I don't? The man replied, Parkinson’s.

Illness, disease, aches and pains; seventy is a number most don’t get to see and many of those who do, wish they hadn’t. But to a mighty few, seventy is the new sixty. Life, at seventy is something which to look forward.

Are STD’s really a concern in nursing homes?

If you enjoy life at seventy, you might want start at twenty. Is that enough incentive to start living healthy or do you need a poll, study, more research or survey? Take very good care of yourself and keep that in mind.

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