Personal Hygiene!

Are you Sleeping Around?

Are you itching? Improper sanitation means poor personal hygiene practices. How long could you or I survive in improperly sanitized conditions? Germ warfare is nasty, quick, silent and deadly?

Many people "sleep around", especially business people. Have you heard about the latest national bout with "Bed Bugs", "Body Lice", "Head Lice"? Have they returned with a vengeance? From where are they coming? Are they in shipping, trying on clothes or is it just poor old personal hygiene?

Are they evil, nasty, little critters that can be easily passed from one person to the next? What does that say about our level of Personal Hygiene? Even in the best hotels where they are supposed to clean and sanitize daily,,,places where little harmful and deadly critters can manage to flourish.

Does this say how well "we" are doing our jobs - removing unpleasant or undesired critters, cleaning and disinfecting?

Personal Hygiene is a spiritual quest. Cleanliness is next to godliness?

Why are not we much better at it? Do we know what places are most important? Do we know what places little harmful and deadly critters most often flourish? Do we "care"? Do we just clean enough to give an outward appearance of being clean?

Unlike all those other cleaning or nasty words, Personal Hygiene covers it all - The whole person concept, from the inside to the outside, the head to the toes.

Poor personal hygiene practice is UGLY, REPULSIVE, OFFENSIVE, Stinky, DEPRESSIVE, DEADLY AND quickly destroy an individual, a family or a whole society. I think of deadly flu outbreaks, colds, disease, harmful critters.

Now, we will "squalk" about a dirty hotel room or dirty public toilet, but we will live in a dirty house with a dirty toilet? Clean clothes in dirty chairs, animal fices, obesity and tell you all about "how I hate cleaning and/or I don't have time". But we think we are "Masters of the Universe".

Good personal hygiene skills start at home. They cover your yard, neighborhood, town...that is "the whole person concept".

Improper sanitation? Germ warfare? "Stop the itching", Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite."

Body talk, what's it saying?

(((your inner

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