Art on perspective

The black hole of life takes on a new perspective. Being grounded yields Greater perspective.

Do you want the best for yourself or not?

It is time to get grounded! Did you know being grounded is a good thing and being grounded is an absolute necessary?

I had a friend who shared with me about some black holes in life and when asked to cut and paste them for later reference, they said they did not have a clue. "I had no idea where you wanted these pasted." Why not say, paste them yourself?

It is amazing how you can take someone, with whom you have been working, to the most amazing places and they know exactly what needs to be done or how to fit in, without being told. At the same time, you tell them what to do, on a most simple task and they betray you, with any stupid reason. One step forward and two steps back!

Conscious awareness, demonstrating that will get the job done? Are they dependable of what? You hear horror stories about immoral and unethical things demanded of people on their jobs and according to them, they feel compelled to do them. Is that any indication of what you will do for a paycheck? You see them at home and they refused to do what needs to be done to put their personal business ahead of the game.

Perspective, why do you share what you have no earthly idea to do with or to tell someone with what to do? Why would God give you anything with no earthly idea or purpose? Why am I sharing this with you, when I have no earthly idea what good you can do with it, other than toss it in the trash? Are you that starved for entertainment?

I choose to look with a higher viewpoint which affords me greater perspective and sense of purpose in life.

This view does not reveal the busyness and redundancy of a mundane lifestyle. From here, there is only peace, everything and body is on the same plane. The Peace Making Brothers Band? My problems become small when I take a broader view.

I see loving relationships, vibrant health, and conscious awareness, which are most important to me. I thrive and work for that.

My burdens are lightened. My mind is broadened and my heart is opened. Every valley is lifted, and every mountain top and hill lowered.

So when you are thinking like a natural man, considering life from just one perspective; kick it up a notch or two. From up high you can see life from God's point of view.

(((your inner


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