Crisis, CRISIS or crisises

Hold on, just a minute, let me catch the other line. While listening to a friend describe what's going on with a close relative who just had a stroke, the next caller wanted to explain about some leaves I allegedly left in her yard. The second caller, 82 years old, was dead set and determined for me to get up those leaves now. Those two phone calls took my time for one good solid hour. I finally had to cut off the old lady who was complaining about her leaves, by saying, I'll get them the next time and if you do not call me, I understand.

confusion, chaos, fear, hunger, pain, blame, anger, weakness, stress!

Now, hold on just a minute while I catch my breath.

You cannot allow others to stress you out, and all of that was over simple stuff. You must prioritize.

At first you think it will not happen to you. Then it's your turn. What happens when a parent, a sibling or a close friend goes away? What about being confronted with serious illness, disaster or tragic accident? PANIC? What about liars, cheaters and stealers?

Most of the fundamentals of my life are based upon the Bible, by default. There are also many other books and personal life lessons, from which to learn another perspective on whatever crisis you are going through. It is always good to be as prepared as possible. The idea being to minimize stress and trauma to the body and emotions, to bounce back as soon as possible. This website is a work in progress.

We all struggle to understand what's happening in our lives, love, anger, pain, fear, happiness. This website explores some common thoughts and feelings I experienced during sad and happy times. We are overloaded with information, most of which has nothing to do with where we are trying to go. Today, our lives are so confused and chaotic, it's difficult to properly grieve and heal. Sharing helps and here are some life lessons from one man's point of view.

Maybe that's exactly what you want to do.

When we have a crisis, in the midst, people start to come together in support. As human beings we need that support so we can get back on track, as soon as possible. We need the best information, fast, in order to make the best and timely decisions. Well, if you can't get it from those around you, then you better work on yourself. Even with a good support network you need to be in as good a shape as possible.

Today, times are so dangerous; most people do not want you in their business. The attitude being, for any number of reasons, that's your business. Though we talk about loving our neighbors, we have our limitations. Vulnerable, the advice you receive can be so varying, that you don't know what to trust.

The idea here is not so much to lean on others during your times of crisis, but learn, prepare, respect and have confidence in your own abilities, so you can work with them. A lot of us will go to hell following somebody else.

This website is encouraging because of its perspective of the whole of life. That is the global aspect. The question is, Why the special treatment? Why all the excuses, well I did not know them? What about the ambulance chasers, there's always someone standing in the shadows trying to make a buck off of your crisis?


your inner

Plagued by crisis

United States wants more and more wrong-stuff.

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