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Money and Power

Men have a bit of ADD, so beauty only intrigues a man for so long. What??? My friend over at A Field keeps his readers "crunk"! But educational, entertaining, thought provoking and lots of fun! They keep it real!

When i saw this topic: Men that married plain looking women, I knew his website was going to be "blown-up", especially when I saw "". I had to take a look.

Talking about marrying plain looking women, he may as well said "plain old ugly women". Even they get pregnant and there they are, wondering around with a baby and no man. You wonder who would have done that to them? What's the name of that woman that's crying and begging all the time - Fantasia? Beautiful person but? I'm Doin' Me, seriously, I hope she doesn't do that.

Defiled, and where are the witnesses? And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in morter, and in brick, and in all manner of service. Can a woman defile a man?

But people choose partners for lots of reasons I think don't make sense and women are most notorious for this: jealousy, cars, sports, jobs, wealth, parents. You very seldom hear about working and working together or anything serious, married or dating. Their lives seem to be all about "living the life of Riley".

I can remember one of the prettiest, smartest girls in class chose one of the biggest thugs. Even at that age, I couldn't fathom that? Now, don't you think she deserved to get her butt kicked? That's exactly what happened. I guess the law of attraction is in effect and love is blind. However, most often our system for marriage still doesn't work. Marriage changes things. Our definition of love is one thing and our actions are another.

I don't think ugly is gender specific, so I'll add vice-versa, plus when you get in the grandma and grandpa age, we're all fairly equal. In most cases the physical is not nearly as important and for good reason, health is if you have survived this long.

I had a young gal to tell me I was "a leftover". So, if you haven't married by 50,,,cougar or leftover? She might not even make it to 50 and I know she couldn't read nor write well. But don't feel bad, because you've got what them young women are trying to get. The thing is can you keep it?

Throw in money and power, and the whole game changes. You ain't plain no more. Something else has to come to the table to keep them interested for the long term, and she's right.

Young or old, physical beauty is just that, you can choose a flower as far as that is concerned. But if a person is good looking from the inside out, they are beautiful all over and that would change the whole game. Those men and women have figured that out if they want to have anything.

So, if you were going to choose someone for a friend, to marry or date, I WARN you first, domestic violence ain't no joke. Then I would suggest you choose someone based upon family values, so you can work and grow together.

Friends, date, marriage for looks sounds crazy, arrogant and condescending, but it happens every day. Express yourself! To see these pictures and dialog click on the link below:

One nation working together?

A Field, I like that name.

(((your inner

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