Planned Parenthood

America's abortion giant

Did/do your plans include AIDs, herpes, genital mutilation, race relations, welfare, food, housing, predatory lending, the pundits, education, religion, politics, corporate greed, domestic violence and abuse... Could you, would you have ever imagined? Are these things getting better?

Speaking of welfare, how can you accuse me of welfare fraud, when I worked free, more than four hundred and fifty years, for your abusive and lying ass? Amazing how you make me feel guilty for your own shortcomings. Amazing how you made and are still making me feel guilty for beating MY ass? Think about that it my opinion or is fact? Think about how you ignored and still ignore me as a human being? Is that my opinion or fact?

What kind of human being would ignore his fellow human beings? Is this really who your planned parenthood ass is? You treat us like shit, while we hold your hands in planning your parenthood???

Do you realize how many people have been and are still being seriously "jacked-up" by our economy, yet we go singing happily alone? This shit has gone pass inflation? It is ridiculous and we go right alone with the program.

Is it their fault or our neglect, both, then you know we're wrong? For what good purpose are all these government programs, when they're not working? Will they ever work,,, stimulus programs, corporate greed? Will they ever pass the money down?

Time is running out to expose radical policies and procedures.When we came along, everything was hush hush and secret, what kind of shit is that? How does that relate to planned parenthood—the Bible Belt? Nobody would tell you a damn thing.

Okay, seriously, what's planned about your family, where you live and play, because you don't work there? What about your childhood planning - education? That leads to your parenthood planning. Did you even plan getting pregnant or for your family to succumb to the evils of this world-Politics, Education, Healthcare, Finance...Policies and procedures?

It is one thing to face all these evils, but a whole new one to be forced to succumb to them- MANDATORY? What do you call the Obama’s Policies against (((the Republican’s Policies))) Do you have any sayso? I remember too well the number of U.S. Presidents for which I voted, all the time knowing, “my cause was the least of them”?

Talking Planned Parenthood??? Has anything changed? Do you think they, anyone care if I died in a trash bag? They would probably help put me in the trash bag, before helping me get out.I knew it was violence and abuse way back then. They were only imitating what had been done to them. Forgive but do not forget. Take a stand and say this vicious cycle has to stop.

My causes, my planned parenthood, Minorities,,,is it any more important to them today, than yesterday? In every instant, it seems my Planned Parenthood is of less importance today than yesterday. And just like yesterday, if I don’t get off my ass and play these stupid games, my family will suffer the consequences. Is that my planned parenthood or is it my duty? Duty, honor, Country to be fucked everyday. The right to life!!! Or the right to live? Which lie do you believe?

If we did things half-way right, then we wouldn’t desire to abuse anything, including abortion. We could and would enjoy the right.

By whom have we been rescued? In whose loving arms have we fallen, who would not let me die?

It's all about what you're doing - individual, family, community, nations. We can take this by Land Slide, but fear stands in our way. Why are we looking for someone else to do what we can do ourselves?

(((what about your inner voice)))

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