Plants and Animals “Pet” Blessing

Are “Pet” Blessings

Every creature and plant grows for your purpose and petting is not my only responsibility. Show appreciation and consider all things, their health and well being is for your health and well being.

There are an amazing variety of beings on Earth--those with fur, feathers, fins, thorns, leaves, flowers, scales, shells, skin, stone or dirt. Each one has its own unique characteristics, habits, traits and ways of appealing to you.

When I bring one of them into my life, this is "my pets' blessing" and becomes a two-way channel for love. It is my responsibility to protect them and give them a safe and secure place to live and grow. And when it is all said and done, it my responsibility to show my proper respect and help them find their way back to the earth. If I cut a tree down, I will plant another.

Because I am grateful for the life, loving Spirit, support and peace my pets bring to me.

Out of the ground comes every animal and plant, and man depends upon them. Without life giving plants and animals, man would immediately perish.

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