Zero Tolerance

What does it really mean? What kind of tactic is that? If someone made a law about zero tolerance, within reason, could they uphold? Can zero tolerance be enforced?

If a person has zero tolerance for another person what will eventually happen? Is zero tolerance a good strategy to employ when dealing with people? Doesn't zero tolerance infer some form of being perfect and not accepting less?

We can stop murder, but we are going to stop, discourage, or prevent people from driving while drinking, first by applying extreme pressure to drivers. Even though we continue pumping out millions of gallons or alcoholic beverage per day? The crazy thing about it is, knowing that you do nothing. Think backwards? To that you turn a blind eye and go after the very people you are sworn to protect and serve. Hey, I like to drink just as well as the next person. Which is the easiest strategy to meet your goal? What is the fastest, most deliberate way to cut down on the amount of alcohol or lives taken due to alcohol related accidents? The people or the companies? Punishing the people while the culprit gets away scot-free. Talking about being responsible? There is a trend here, rising, cigarettes, guns, drugs,,,

Celebrate life responsibly?

Though zero tolerance sounds good and like this is the perfect solution to some of our problems, it is a first sign of a very sick people. When you go where sick people are you really have to be considerate, careful, under control...Zero tolerance is the first step to communism. It over-rules common sense. Whether you are or are not is up to the judgment of the misguided idiot staring you in the face.

We will kill more people than we will ever save with zero tolerance, common sense. The pressure has just been turned up.

Zero tolerance is never a good policy because it leaves no room for common sense, mistakes or error. It is a death sentence. Like capitol punishment, there is no room for error. Forgiveness Does.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

(((your inner voice)))

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