dumb ass Crackers and Niggers

How does that make you feel?

A few will be angered and never do shit, but the majority will derive some kind of knowledge, peace and pleasure from a little old black man telling the truth and the shit will keep going.

In America racist traditions and how schools are handling them?

You know that shit ain’t stopped. So why do we act so surprised when we learn of a new racist incident committed against their already oppressed people who is still being oppressed by their American Trans-Atlantic Slave oppressors?

Whatever happened to policing your own asses? Do you really know and understand when you are doing wrong? Do you really want to make it “right”? Do women have equal rights in America?

Then why are you "picking on this poor little black girl in high school"? You are going to show us Niggers something aren't you?

Now, if it were a Jew? Why did it take Batts' parents' public plea for this outrageous tradition to be stopped? And how had no coaches or staff members heard this long-standing tradition taking place? School officials claim the students were secretive about their chant and after the fight broke out, administrators didn't get the "full" story because students were only in school one half day.

NOw, that is some bonafided "irresponsible Bull Shit". What about a RAPE? SANDUSKIED!!! What do you do about people who abuse little girls?

How much more cultural sensitivity training will it take for Niggers to realize, these Crackers ain’t going to never change. How much more cultural sensitivity training will it take for Crackers to realize Niggers ain’t going to never change: We will chase their asses to the end of the world.

Even though we embraced and loved Mr. Obama, as he was first elected, now we despise the man because he ain't did what he said he was, for whatever reasons. Come on now, COULD YOU JUST GIVE THE MAN A FUCKING BREAK BECAUSE THIS IS HIS AND OUR FIRST TIME. NoOOOO, you just can't stand another 4 years, even though I'VE stood 450 years plus of "your" racial bullshit.

The more education? Is it the more education we get the better we are? Then why is this age old systemic problem still hanging around?

We do not want to realize a damn thing: How can you force someone, anyone to change? Think about shit: What happens when someone “forces you to change”? What happened with forced integration?

You are talking about Detroit Michigan, then what does that tell you about Milledgeville, Georgia? If that kind of racist ass shit is going on in Michigan, how many times more is it worse in Mississippi? You, being both sides, don’t want to face the problem.

You know if I was the racist perpetrator you would ARREST MY ASS. You would tell me: Haven’t I learned yet? Mr. Thomas you are a danger to society and you are trying to “overthrow” our government and my ass would be under lock and key for the rest of my life. Could I ever get a decent JOB?

Physical violence as a last-ditch effort in a situation where everyone had turned their backs. Physical violence is no last ditch effort, we been fighting over this SOS sense our humble beginnings in America. If it is a surprise to you, I wonder where your stupid ass been?

If 450 years of SLAVERY, BOYCOTTS, MARCHES, RIOTS, FORCED INTEGRATION didn’t work, what makes you think SPEAKING OUT will? We are some really “dumb ass people”.

It is called the HUMAN Race, BE a Racist for Humanity.

Teacher and Principal suspended 9-year-old boy for calling a teacher cute ...WHY? GASTONIA, N.C. -- Gaston County school officials are offering an apology to a 9-year-old boy,,,Apology not accepted --- They need their ASSes WHIPPED! Not quite, but that is how it makes you feel. And you talk about "gang banging". You do need to be fired and the system restored. NOW, it appears he's receiving some justice.

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cultural awareness provide hope to U.S.

Cumulative Impact?

OOPS!! Who threw the football (drone) over the fence?

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