Personal Conflicts

When you get called to the school because your child has a problem? Think about future repercussions? Can you find the good in everybody? There are so many people who get pushed to one side and everybody avoids and ostercized them. Does that cause these people and problems to disappear? What does society do with these people? What happens to the people who are not blonde hair or blue eyed?

It has been brought to my attention that Personal Conflicts are your problems?

Personal conflicts cannot and will not be tolerated, if you consider yourself "a good human being". If you want your family, community and country to grow, you must be able to resolve personal conflicts without a shot being fired. Here is how and here is the first rule:

(1) There can never be a personal conflict between a Teacher and a student.

Keep it professional, treat every student with respect and Teachers, do not allow the situation to get out of control. A parent confided that the staff and faculty of the local school where her child attended admonished her child due to a personal conflict between the Teacher and the student. That the student was just as much at fault as the Teacher! That is "bullshit"!

How can a Professional Teacher of any sort have a personal conflict with any student? On behalf of Teachers, the situation should have been resolved before it became personal.

Who is responsible? The Teacher, Staff and Faculty are always responsible. It is not the school, it is the mentality of the people in the school.

Who should be removed from the class where a Teacher has a personal conflict with a student? Labeling students? Who is the trouble maker? The Teacher, every time!

Like adult and child, master and slave, superior and subordinate, every person at all times is either a Teacher or a Student. Act like it!

Can you find the good in everybody? Absolutely!

Know your real enemies?

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