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police officer association, SHERIFF ASSOCIATION, State Trooper Association

Special POLICE teams AND any other law enforcement organizations raising monies, by soliciting funds from the public, You might want to read this before asking or making donations.

You may want to dismiss, discredit or ignore my allegation/story/comments, but if this happened to me, just think of what's happening to others. What would you do if it happened to you?

I plead for your assistance and help, in situations like mine, just as you ask for my support. Do something before it is too late.

Please help stop doing all this lowdown work, in the name of and behind your police badge? These efforts are self-defeating in nature. You are going to destroy everything. The heck with global warming, because we are never going to see it. In other words, what are our soldiers fighting for, when you are destroying life as we would like to know it, at home? Are we the men and women who stand for true democracy or are fooling ourselves? Are we really willing to stand for what's good and wholesome for all or are we just in it for self? Can we distinguish the difference? Will we?

Is it the on the job training or upbringing. How could one upright individual take the advantage of a harmless citizen? Why? What's the incentive--just more confusion and chaos?

We, the public, need your help just as you need ours, even though, we know and you know a great percentage of our police officers are corrupt as hell. They are stupid, illiterates, with a badge pinned to their chest and they are not afraid to use it to show us how powerful they are. They are dangerous people with guns.

Because, life as we would like to know it in America, will not and can not go on, as you continue to mistreat the public you have sworn to protect and serve. The public feed, clothe, shelter and provide, the much needed donation, you solicit.

If the public is as bad as you make us out to be, then one day we will bump heads.

Are you able, capable of making responsible decisions? Are you stable enough to distinguish good from evil? Do you know the difference between good intentions and wicked or criminal behavior?

Based on my recent experience, YOU do not. I am not angry and I do not believe this to be just a racist thing. It is a power struggle and one day, you will meet your maker.

How can you expect the public to willingly donate to your cause?

For now, remain safe and I am sure, we will meet again. SWAT TEAM, MACON, GEORGIA

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