Campaign and Political Yard Signs

The sign game. An industry that is growing larger and crazier by the minute.

What do political yard signs mean? Why do people put up political yard signs. What does your sign really say about you?

Shows patriotism, the American way?

Easy way to advertise to your neighborhood which candidates you support?

Gives some idea about who the candidate is?

An intimidation tactic, bordering on suppressing an individual's freedom of speech?

Personal expression, makes you feel more involved?

Plays up to politicians?

Converts undecided voters?

Encourages people to go to the polls?

Business for supply stores?

Means you are in a great location?

I will put up two to your every one! Where does it stop? It is amazing how many of us will put up a politically affiliated sign, but will not put up a sign showing what product or service we provide for life--Dr., Nurse, Carpenter, Plumber, Writer... lives here. Which is more important?

Campaign and Political Yard Signs do not vote, creates turf battles and animosity. If not properly maintained and managed, become Eye sores, litter, scattered rubbish?

What about a secret ballot? The effect is the same. Democracy?

What about billboards?

Campaign and Political signs vandalized

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